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Atlantica has been firmly committed to sustainability since its incorporation. Sustainability is one of our five Core Values. We view sustainable development as a powerful source of competitive advantage to generate economic value that also adds value for the society by addressing environmental and social challenges and safeguarding the transition to a low-carbon economy.

By nature of its business, Atlantica has been at the core of, and intends to expand further, the renewable energy footprint in energy generation and contribute to global economy while sustaining our environment.

We produce clean electricity, desalinated water and provide electricity transmission in a safe, reliable, safe and environmentally responsible way. We believe that we are positioned in the right sectors to benefit from the transition towards a more sustainable power mix that is happening worldwide. In addition, we believe that water is going to be the next frontier in a transition towards a more sustainable world.

Investing in sustainable technologies and assets is only one part of our strategy. Managing those assets in a sustainable way is key to create value long term. In that regard we have launched a number of initiatives to ensure that we manage efficiently, effectively and sustainably all key areas of our Company.

Atlantica has been ranked among the top 100 companies in the Clean 200TM which ranks the largest publicly listed companies by their total clean energy revenues to help ensure that the companies are indeed building the infrastructure and services needed in a just and equitable way.

As part of its commitment with sustainability, in January 2018, Atlantica joined the United Nations Global Compact (the “UNGC”) the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

We also launched our Safety First! Initiative in Health and Safety. Safety is our first priority and we want our employees, partners and contractors to apply the strongest standards to ensure safe and sustainable operations.

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