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Environmental Policy

We are committed to invest in assets that are environmentally sustainable and we manage them sustainably. We are aware of the environmental impact that our operations may bring. Thus, we follow policies that analyze, evaluate and propose measures oriented at minimizing the environmental impacts of our business activity. Atlantica is committed to growing its business in renewable energy generation, efficient natural gas power generation, electric transmission and water assets that address energy and water scarcity and focus on the reduction of carbon emissions.

Environmental management is an integral part of our planning, maintenance and operation of our asset fleet which, as of December 31, 2017, was comprised of 13 renewable power plants, 1 efficient natural gas facility, 1,099 miles of transmission lines, and 2 water desalination plants. We strive to further minimize emissions, water use, waste generation and to improve our environmental compliance and stewardship.

  • We utilize our Environmental Management System that conforms with the Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001.
  • Our Quality Management System holds certification under Quality Management System standard ISO 9001
  • Our systems have been certified since 2015 through May 2019.

The scope of these certifications applies to environmental and quality systems for management and acquisition of contracted assets at our locations in Brentford (United Kingdom), Phoenix (AZ, United States), Madrid and Seville (Spain). 

quality system certification

Our integrated management system guarantees that we comply with the regulations in force and with our policies in each of the markets we operate. In this sense, we measure the environmental impact of our activities, monitoring, identifying and implementing action plans to reduce that impact at each of our assets. As part of our certified quality management system, Atlantica sets quality, environmental and safety targets. The achievement of these targets of followed up by management committee periodically.

We perform annual audits throughout all assets. Additionally, at the asset level, some of the KPIs were externally verified for various scope other than for inclusion in our reports and public information.

During 2017, we generated 5,539 GWh of electricity, 57% of which is produced by solar plants and wind farms. We produced electricity equivalent to the energy needs of a city with over 1.5 million households for a year. Our two desalination plants have a capacity to filer 10.5 million cubic feet of saline water per day to provide drinking water to 1.5 million inhabitants.