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Whistleblowing channel is an essential part of Atlantica’s commitment to fighting fraud, irregularities and corruption.  We have been operating a whistleblowing channel since our Initial Public Offering.  As outlined in our Code of Conduct, the whistleblowing channel is available on our website to all employees and stakeholders of the Company and serves as a tool to report any complaints and concerns about management, as well as any breaches of the Code of Conduct or any conduct contrary to ethics, law or company’s standards, without any risk of reprisals for any claims made in good faith.  The channel is managed by the Audit Committee comprised of independent directors who oversee investigations of the reported matters maintaining confidentiality and anonymity of complainants.  Confidentiality and no reprisal policy may be suspended only in cases in which a legal claim was filed against Atlantica by the complainant or claim was not made in good faith. 

To access our Whistleblowing channel please click here.