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Sustainable Suppliers

At Atlantica, we have a strong commitment to operating to the highest standard of corporate conduct.  According to our Code, we also seek to work with third parties who operate under principles that are similar to those set in the Code of Conduct.  We have a Supplier Code of Conduct and we expect our suppliers to adhere to it.  We include our requirements in our contractual arrangements with suppliers. Nevertheless, we understand that some suppliers may face significant challenges in immediately meeting every aspect of the Code. In this sense, our commitment is also to working together over time to help those supplies achieve adherence with this Code. 

Our main O&M suppliers are large corporations that, we believe, follow strong corporate policies.  One of the main suppliers of Atlantica is Abengoa who is contracted as an O&M supplier at many of our assets across geographies (except for ACT, Seville PV, Quadra 1, Quadra 2 and Palmucho).  In Mexico our O&M Operators are General Electric and NAES Corp.